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Catering FAQ:

Cater Your Next Event with Beauty’s Bagel Shop!

We offer bagels, platters and coffee for all types of occasions.
Our assortment of platters are available in two sizes: 10 person and 15 person.
We require 24 hours’ notice for bagel & schmear catering orders and 48 hours’ notice for platter orders.
Thanks for considering us for your special occasion!


Catering FAQ:

Q: How many bagels are included in the platters?
A: All platters include one bagel per person to keep prices as budget-friendly as possible, but you are welcome to add more bagels to accommodate your group size.

Q: Can I order a 12-or 28-person platter?
A: Sorry, we do not customize platter sizes. We’re a small operation with lots of moving parts and it’s difficult to manage customized platter sizes. We invite you to combine the 10-and 15-person platters to get as close to your group size as possible!

Q: Will you pretty please deliver my catering order?
A: Delivery is possible with 48 hours’ notice.
            -Catering orders must be placed with 48 hours' notice!

Q: What if I only want bagels & spreads, not platters?
A: We just ask for 24 hours’ notice. These orders can also be placed using our catering store.

Q: Do you offer plates/utensils/napkins?
A: We DO offer compostable plates, napkins, utensils and serving utensils for a small fee. Please select it to add to your cart in our catering store.

Q: I love your coffee! Can I include that in my catering order too?
A: Of course! We have 96 oz. coffee boxes available for large groups, and alternatively offer to lend you our own airpots and coffee dispensers at no extra charge (we do require a credit card number as a deposit for our equipment. $100 will be charged after 72 hours if they are not returned).

Q: Can I pay when I pick up the order?
A: Sorry, all catering orders must be prepaid and ordered through our catering store.

Q: Where do I pick up my order? Do I wait in this long line?
A: When picking up your order, please check in with one of our employees. Advance orders are placed aside for you and we will happily expedite your order. You do not have to wait in line!

Q: Can some of your talented staff join us for our catering event?
A: Unfortunately, we do not currently offer staffing for events.

Q: Will I be charged if I cancel my catering order?
A: If you ordered a platter, fruit salad, etc. and cancel within 24 hours you will be charged 20% of your total order. If you cancel your retail bagel order then there is no cancellation fee.