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Amy & Blake

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In 2009, we moved to Oakland from Philadelphia on a whim, in search of a new city to call home. We fell in love immediately with the friendly people, beautiful landscape and amazing food. There was just one thing we found ourselves longing for (aside from warm summer nights): amazing bagels! Armed with our culinary experience, love of food and desire to work together, we decided to open our own bagel shop and bring old-school, traditional bagels to the Bay Area.

11 years later, some things have changed. As of September 2020, Beauty’s and Wise Sons have joined forces. For years, we’ve supported each other in a variety of ways. By coming together officially, we’re taking advantage of our different strengths and culinary perspectives to offer an even better experience for our customers. 

While our decision to merge businesses means there will be some small changes to the Beauty’s brand, we are excited and proud to be working with Wise Sons during these unprecedented times. But rest assured, regardless of the changes (think: reubens in Oakland!), our mission remains the same: to bring the nostalgia and love behind our food to a new generation.

As our newly merged team is hard at work fusing together the best elements of each concept, we want to thank you for your continued support. We’re looking forward to sharing new recipes and exciting news down the road. Stay tuned!


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