Thrillist: Beauty’s Bagel Shop – 12 Most Important Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Beauty’s Bagel Shop was named by Thrillist to be one of the 12 Most Important Restaurants in Oakland Right Now.

Here’s what East Bay native and travel writer, Andy Murdock, had to say about us…

” Let’s be honest: when it comes to bagels, the Bay Area is behind the curve. One trip to New York or Montreal is enough to make you give up on West Coast bagels. But don’t! Or at least, not until you’ve given Beauty’s a fair doughy shake. Montreal-style bagels are finished in a wood-fired oven here, attracting a long line of beards and plaids basically every weekend. Totally worth the wait though: the hot bagels are fantastic, the smoked trout salad is addictive, the fried chicken bagel sandwich with beet slaw should be a controlled substance, and — these are fightin’ words — the rugelach is better than your mom’s.”