Passover Catering by Beauty’s Bagel Shop – 2016

Passover is from Friday, April 22nd through Friday, April 29th this year. Beauty’s Bagel Shop will be offering Passover catering the entirety of Passover. We are doing our wood-fired matzoh and some other Pesach favorites for catering. Please find the list below with instructions on how to order and the pickup days and times.


Wood-fired matzoh $11/lb (serves 4-5)
Gefilte fish $8/two 3oz pieces (serves 2) *orders must be placed by 4/20
Chrain $5/4oz jar
Chopped chicken liver $7/8oz or $10/12oz
Charoset $6/8oz or $8.50/12oz (apples, walnuts, red wine & dried figs)
Coconut macaroons $8.50/half dozen or $16/dozen
Chocolate-dipped macaroons $10.50/half dozen or $20/dozen
Matzoh ball soup $24/4 servings
Available with chicken or vegetable broth
Includes 1 quart of broth with carrots, celery, herbs and 4 matzoh balls

Orders may be placed by:
– Filling out an order sheet at the shop
– E-mailing
– Calling the shop (510) 788-6098 (preferably in the afternoon!)

All orders for pickup on Friday April 22-Sunday April 24 must be placed by 3:00pm on Wednesday, April 20th.

The only item on the catering menu that cannot be ordered past April 20th is the gefilte fish, all other items can be ordered for pickup through April 29th with 24 hours advance notice.

April 28th is the last day orders will be accepted.

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