Check Out Beauty’s Current Featured Artist – Adam Springer

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is pleased to feature the artwork of Adam Springer. This is the fourth time we are featuring artwork by a local artist and we’ll continue to do so on a regular basis. Come check out his work and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

Artist’s Statement
I steal ideas from everything. From old comic books, to the farthest reaches of Google’s search engine. I’ve even begun to paint over old landscapes I find at the thrift shop, infusing my style with the found image. My inspiration comes from all that surrounds me, but especially the graphic nature of vintage comics. So much can be interpreted from one single panel, a viewer could create an entire story if he or she wanted to. The panels I choose in my art are not to be taken seriously, much like life itself. I find showing human emotion on canvas is not only appealing to others but it raises some controversy. Many of my paintings involve loved ones embracing, the woman crying, and the man looking sternly into her eyes. The viewer has to ask themselves whether her tears are from joy or from sorrow. But in all, my work is to be taken with a light heart, and to poke fun at the art world in a whole. Comics are a great way to escape from the dull realities of life and bring out your inner child. When I’m creating I feel a sense of purpose and happiness I cannot explain. I can only describe it through the smiling faces of others viewing and enjoying my work as much as I do making it.

All works are available for custom framing, for an additional fee, depending on the size. For any inquiries feel free to contact me via email or telephone. Much appreciation to all and enjoy the work!

View more artwork by Adam Springer.

Adam Springer

Check Out Beauty’s Current Featured Artist – BRANDON TAUSZIK

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is pleased to feature the artwork of BRANDON TAUSZIK. This is the third time we are featuring artwork by a local artist and we’ll continue to do so on a regular basis. Come check out him work and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

You can view more artwork by BRANDON TAUSZIK here:

Artist’s Bio:

Brandon Tauszik hails from the moors of northern England, where one can trace his roots back through many generations of noble serfs. Some suggest his highly skilled workmanship and personable nature are directly inherited characteristics from said serfs. Amid adolescence Brandon was relocated to the United States to continue education and impress schoolmates with his novel accent. Upon vindication from the halls of academy in Florida, Brandon continued further education between venturesome crusades across the European continent. These solitary voyages found Brandon as far east as Kiev and Istanbul practicing the art of photojournalism whilst procuring purposeful employment as a videographer in Spain and The Netherlands. For two years Brandon then whiled away his hours in the Art & Film department at Invisible Children, a media based non-profit organization.

Currently Brandon resides in the Bay Area where he creates visual media at Sprinkle Lab while pursuing personal photography projects.

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Celebrate Passover with Beauty’s Wood-Fired Matzoh & Catering Specials

We are offering everything in-house for the week of Passover (3/26-3/31).

Catering can be picked up on Sunday 3/24 between 8-3 and Monday 3/25 between 11-1. All catering orders to be placed by 5:00 on Thursday 3/21.

There are a few ways to go about placing your order:
- e-mail
- call the shop (510-788-6098) and ask for Amy (preferably in the afternoon)
- stop by the shop and fill out a catering form.

Our house made specials will include:

MATZOH baked in the wood-fired oven
$11/lb (serves 4-6)

$7 (two 3 ounce pieces, serves 1-2)

aka horseradish $5 for 4 ounce jar

$7 for 8 ounces or $10 for 12 ounces

$6 for 8 ounces or $8.50 for 12 ounces

1/2 dozen for $8 or 1 dozen for $15

available with either chicken or veg broth $15 for 4 servings
(1 qt.broth with carrots & celery and 4 matzoh balls)

Below is an excerpt from our latest email newsletter. Be sure to join our mailing list by clicking on the Newsletter Sign-Up form in the left sidebar to stay up to date on everything we have going on here at Beauty’s Bagel Shop…

Chag Sameach! We’re so excited to celebrate our first Passover in our new shop. Before I get into the details of all of the Passover food we are making, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. We just celebrated our 6 month anniversary on the 26th and what a wild 6 months it has been! In a way, it seems to have flown by, but in another way, it feels like we’ve been doing this forever. Funny how that happens. It has been bumpy and overwhelming and frustrating, but we have finally found our groove and hit our stride and learned how to operate a bagel shop, which let me assure you, is a lot harder than it sounds!

I can’t say I was prepared for the harsh criticisms and backlash that followed our opening, but I have learned how to focus on the positive (all of our lovely customers!) and downplay the negative (nasty Yelp reviews) in order to maintain my sanity. So what I’m really trying to say is, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging during this process. We appreciate it more than you’ll probably ever realize. I’m sorry this is always a forum for me to be so sappy, I just have so much love and gratitude in my heart for all of you, and it spills out when I start to write these.

Quick, back to Passover! We will finally be using our giant wood-fired oven for more than just bagels and will be preparing lots and lots of handmade matzoh! It’s amazing what adding a little olive oil and sea salt can do. While it’s not kosher, it is delicious and the perfect centerpiece for a Seder. Blake will be making lots of other Passover favorites as well, including gefilte fish, charoset, chrain, macaroons, chopped liver, and, of course, matzoh ball soup. We will be serving all of these items in the shop from Tuesday the 26th through Sunday the 31st. For those who are interested in catering, we will have pickup available on Sunday the 24th all day and Monday the 25th from 11-1. We ask that all catering orders be placed by 5:00 on Thursday 21st so we have time to prepare all of this delicious food. There are a few ways to go about placing your order: you can e-mail, call the shop and ask for Amy (preferably in the afternoon) or stop by the shop and fill out a catering form.

We would love to hear your feedback about catering. Is there something you want that we didn’t offer? We are working on the catering menu for bagels as well, so if you know of anyone who needs a bris or a baby shower or special occasion catered, we’d appreciate a nod in our direction!

Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Latkes

Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!
Celebrate the Holidays with our Amazing Latkes, House Made Organic Apple Sauce & Creme Fraiche.

Order Now! Call 510-788-6098

Only Available December, 7th-16th
(except Mon, Dec. 10th – We are Closed)

1 Dozen Latkes
12oz House Made Organic Apple Sauce
12oz Creme Fraiche
Only $24!

(serving size of latkes is 2-3 per person)
Order must be placed 48 hour in advance.

Sufganiyot for Sale!
Prepared by our friends at Marla Bakery
$12/half dozen

We will have latkes available at the shop on those days as well —
an order of 3 with house made apple sauce and sour cream for $6.50

Check Out Beauty’s Current Featured Artist – Sean Newport

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is pleased to feature the artwork of, Sean Newport. This is the second time we are featuring artwork by a local artist and we’ll continue to do so on a regular basis. Come check out his work and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

You can view more artwork by Sean Newport here:

Newsletter: Beauty’s “Holiday” Bagel Shop


Some food and event news for ya. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did!

Now, onto Hanukkah and Christmas! We will be serving latkes in the shop from December 8 through December 16, and we’re making our own applesauce to top them. We will have latkes available for pickup as well if you’re looking to wow your dinner guests! If you want to skip the cooking altogether, you could come to our vegetarian Hanukkah dinner on Sunday, December 9 at the new Grand Lake Kitchen located at 576 Grand Avenue in Oakland. We will be doing two seatings (6:30 & 8:30) serving a vegetarian menu including latkes, matzo ball soup, braised seitan with root vegetables and sufganiyot! Mmmm mmmm. Call May from Grand Lake Kitchen at 510-922-9582 to reserve a space.

We will also be participating in the New Taste Marketplace this Saturday, December 1 from 10-3. It’s located inside of St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church at 500 De Haro at Mariposa in San Francisco. Here’s your chance to taste our bagels, all you San Franciscans who haven’t made it across the bridge yet! There are over 30 other food vendors selling their delicious creations and it should be a lot of fun. We’re excited to be part of it. For more info, check out their website

Now that we have settled into our daily routine a little bit, we have started to work on some tasty specials at the shop. One of the most popular has been the crispy chicken skin sandwich, which is essentially deconstructed gribenes with a French twist. We take chicken skin and render the fat out, then roast apples and onions with schmaltz in the wood oven (!!!). The sandwich is topped with brie and arugula dressed with mustard viniagrette. It has quickly become a favorite and one you should definitely try. (By the way, we have schmaltz for sale if anyone would like to try this at home!) We have also featured a smoked turkey sandwich (made with turkey smoked by our friends at Wise Sons Deli) with mayo-stard, avocado, red onion, iceberg and swiss. The fried chicken sandwich is also a big seller and one that we plan on adding to the regular menu so it will be available all day everyday. Blake came up with a tasty granola recipe which we have available daily with yogurt and housemade apple butter. Amy is dilligently trying to perfect her chai recipe so chai tea lattes will be available just in time for the rainy season.

Amy has also been hard at work developing the bialys, and we’ll now be serving them every Saturday and Sunday until they run out, which tends to happen. Feel free to call ahead if you’d like us to set some aside for you. As for our sweet treats, we are rotating our sticky buns, cinnamon walnut rugelach, coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, scones and muffins. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Amy Brown, ex-pastry chef at Nopa. who helped us develop our baked goods for the first couple months we were open. Amy and her fiance, Joe Wolf of Wise Sons Deli, are working on opening their own bakery in San Francisco called Marla Bakery. Go Amy and Joe!

And lastly, we are happy to cater any event that you may have coming up. We will have our catering menu up on our website shortly but until then, give us a call so we may help you with whatever event you have planned.

Thanks for all your support over the past 3 months!
We appreciate it more than you know.

Amy and Blake xo