Chef Blake Joffe Reads Bad Reviews for Chefs Feed

Our very own Blake Joffe was featured on Chefs Feed reading some of our worst reviews. We have a sense of humor too…

What happens when chefs read the bad reviews written about them from around the web and beyond? We turned on the camera to find out, and to let them respond to their critics from the chef perspective.

Celebrate Passover with Beauty’s Bagel Shop

We are offering Passover specials in house during the
week of Passover (4/15-4/20)

Catering orders can ONLY be picked up on:
– Sunday 4/13 (1-3)
– Monday 4/14 (10-2)
– Tuesday 4/15 (8-3)

All catering orders must be placed by 5:00 on Thursday 4/10

There are a few ways to go about placing your order:

- e-mail

- call the shop (510-788-6098) and speak to a lovely staff member (preferably in the afternoon)

– stop by the shop and fill out a catering form

Our house made specials will include:
MATZOH baked in the wood-fired oven
 $11/lb (serves 4-6)
$7/two 3oz pieces (serves 2)
(beet-stained horseradish) $5/4oz jar
 $7/8oz or $10/12oz
 $6/8oz or $8.50/12oz
 $8/half dozen or $15/full dozen
 $10/half dozen or $18/full dozen
 $15/4 servings

Chicken broth or vegetable broth 
(1 quart of broth with carrots, celery and herbs and 4 matzoh balls)

Beauty’s Holiday Hours & Pre-Ordering Bagels

Pre-Ordering Bagels

We expect to be mighty busy over the holidays, and would be oh so happy if orders were placed ahead of time. Orders over 2 dozen require 24 hours notice so we can make sure to roll enough bagels the day before.

Holiday Hours

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Monday 12/23: closed
Tuesday 12/24: closed
Wednesday 12/25: closed
Thursday 12/26: 8-3
Friday 12/27: 7-3
Wednesday 1/1: 8-3
– – – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks & happy holidays!

Latkes Are Back For Hanukkah!

Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!
Celebrate the Holidays with our Amazing Latkes, House Made Organic Apple Sauce & Sour Cream.

Order Now! Call 510-788-6098
Order must be placed 24 hour in advance.

Only Available November 27th – December 5th Only
(except Thursday 11/28 & Monday 12/1 – We are Closed)

1 Dozen Latkes
12oz House Made Organic Apple Sauce
12oz Sour Cream
Only $24!

(serving size of latkes is 2-3 per person)

Our 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is proud to celebrate its first anniversary! Join us Sunday, August 25th from 12pm to 2pm for some Tasty Tid Bits, Live Music and Beauty’s Merch.

Check Out Beauty’s Current Featured Artist – Adam Springer

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is pleased to feature the artwork of Adam Springer. This is the fourth time we are featuring artwork by a local artist and we’ll continue to do so on a regular basis. Come check out his work and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

Artist’s Statement
I steal ideas from everything. From old comic books, to the farthest reaches of Google’s search engine. I’ve even begun to paint over old landscapes I find at the thrift shop, infusing my style with the found image. My inspiration comes from all that surrounds me, but especially the graphic nature of vintage comics. So much can be interpreted from one single panel, a viewer could create an entire story if he or she wanted to. The panels I choose in my art are not to be taken seriously, much like life itself. I find showing human emotion on canvas is not only appealing to others but it raises some controversy. Many of my paintings involve loved ones embracing, the woman crying, and the man looking sternly into her eyes. The viewer has to ask themselves whether her tears are from joy or from sorrow. But in all, my work is to be taken with a light heart, and to poke fun at the art world in a whole. Comics are a great way to escape from the dull realities of life and bring out your inner child. When I’m creating I feel a sense of purpose and happiness I cannot explain. I can only describe it through the smiling faces of others viewing and enjoying my work as much as I do making it.

All works are available for custom framing, for an additional fee, depending on the size. For any inquiries feel free to contact me via email or telephone. Much appreciation to all and enjoy the work!

View more artwork by Adam Springer.

Adam Springer