Hanukkah Catering & Latkes by the Dozen!

Hannukah Catering! Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!

Celebrate the Holidays with our Amazing Latkes, House Made Organic Apple Sauce & Sour Cream.


1 Dozen Latkes
12oz House Made Organic Apple Sauce
12 oz Sour Cream.
Only 24$ ! (Serves 4-6 people)

Latkes will be available by pre-order only on Friday 12/23 and Saturday 12/24. Orders for Friday and Saturday must be placed by Wednesday, December 21st by 3pm! Call 510-788-6098

Latke dozens can be ordered for the week of 12/27-1/1 with 24 hours notice.

Holiday Hours
Saturday 12/24 : 8am-12pm
Sunday 12/25 : Closed!
12/27 – 12/30 : 7am-3pm
12/31: 8am-3pm
1/1: 9am-3pm

Comedian & Jewish Zodiac creator Seth Front: A Culinary History of Jews in America based on the Astrological Signs of the Delicatessen

Join comedian & Jewish Zodiac® creator Seth Front for a humorous and educational multimedia history of the delicatessen across four generations of Jews in America, from 1880 to the present. Discover the real story behind your favorite deli foods & how they intertwine with the American journey of our people. Find out what Jewish Zodiac® sign you are and join us for this huge, fun platter of Jewish cultural history with a side order of nostalgia.

Beauty's Bagels 4b (1)

Monday August 1, 2016
7:00 pm
Beauty’s Bagel Shop
3838 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609


About The Speech
This hour-long speech is both a culinary history of the Jewish delicatessen as well as a cultural history of four generations of American Jews and Judaism, from 1880 to the present day.

Seth Front’s presentation uses over two hundred images to tell the story of the Jewish delicatessen in America: its arrival on the Lower East Side at the turn of the 20th century; its adaptation to American tastes; its assimilation into mainstream American culture; and its return to authenticity in the 21st century.

More importantly, Seth uses our culinary history to explain our communal Jewish American heritage, highlighting the most important cultural changes from generation to generation.

With his trademark humor, Mr. Front weaves this social history into a compelling narrative by using the twelve most iconic deli foods as guideposts. These food symbols are the heart and soul of Mr. Front’s Jewish Zodiac®, a deli food parody of the Chinese zodiac found online at jewzo.com.

Humorous, heartwarming, and educational too, “A Culinary History Of Jews In America” has been delighting audiences nationwide. It is perfect for fundraising events or other programs which serve to unify the community around our common heritage and faith.

Passover Catering by Beauty’s Bagel Shop – 2016

Passover is from Friday, April 22nd through Friday, April 29th this year. Beauty’s Bagel Shop will be offering Passover catering the entirety of Passover. We are doing our wood-fired matzoh and some other Pesach favorites for catering. Please find the list below with instructions on how to order and the pickup days and times.


Wood-fired matzoh $11/lb (serves 4-5)
Gefilte fish $8/two 3oz pieces (serves 2) *orders must be placed by 4/20
Chrain $5/4oz jar
Chopped chicken liver $7/8oz or $10/12oz
Charoset $6/8oz or $8.50/12oz (apples, walnuts, red wine & dried figs)
Coconut macaroons $8.50/half dozen or $16/dozen
Chocolate-dipped macaroons $10.50/half dozen or $20/dozen
Matzoh ball soup $24/4 servings
Available with chicken or vegetable broth
Includes 1 quart of broth with carrots, celery, herbs and 4 matzoh balls

Orders may be placed by:
– Filling out an order sheet at the shop
– E-mailing info@beautysbagelshop.com
– Calling the shop (510) 788-6098 (preferably in the afternoon!)

All orders for pickup on Friday April 22-Sunday April 24 must be placed by 3:00pm on Wednesday, April 20th.

The only item on the catering menu that cannot be ordered past April 20th is the gefilte fish, all other items can be ordered for pickup through April 29th with 24 hours advance notice.

April 28th is the last day orders will be accepted.

Serious Eats: One Damn Good Bagel (Our Best Bites of 2015)

Beauty’s Bagel Shop has been named to the ‘Our Best Bites of 2015’ list by Serious Eats!


Photo by: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Here’s what J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Managing Culinary Director for Serious Eats, had to say about our bagels:

“When I moved to San Francisco from New York last year, I knew I’d have to give up on some of the staples I grew up on: the corner slice, New York-style hot dogs, pastrami, and the like. Really great bagels were on that list, too. What I didn’t know back then was that I would end up finding a great bagel shop in the Bay Area—and that it would serve some of the best bagels I’ve had anywhere in the world, including New York. Beauty’s bagels are perfectly sized (that is, not as big as your face) with an intensely blistered, crackly, eggshell-thin crust that reveals a dense, chewy crumb with well-developed flavor. They’re ostensibly Montreal-style in that they’re boiled and then baked in a wood-fired oven. Thankfully, though, they don’t follow the no-salt-in-the-dough mandate that some Montreal bagel shops stick with, nor do they have that Montreal honey sweetness. Sure, their everything bagels are a little sparse on the toppings, but I love the scattering of fennel seed they add. It’s not a traditional flavor, but it works. Like all good bagels, you should order them from the shop and eat them within half an hour. And for the love of god, please don’t toast them.”

View full list of Our Best Bites of 2015.

Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!

Get Your Latkes for Hanukkah!

Celebrate the Holidays with our Amazing Latkes, House Made Organic Apple Sauce & Sour Cream.

Order Now! Call 510-788-6098
Order must be placed 24 hour in advance.

Only Available December 5th – December 13th Only
(except Monday 12/7 – We are Closed)

1 Dozen Latkes
12oz House Made Organic Apple Sauce
12oz Sour Cream
Only $24!

(serving size of latkes is 2-3 per person)

Beauty’s Bagel Shop’s Passover Breakfast Dish Recipe

Beauty’s Bagel Shop was featured in the recipe section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Photo credit: Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle

Blake Joffe prepares shakshuka, a Passover-suitable dish, in his home kitchen in Oakland as his wife, Amy Remsen, holds their 3-month-old son, Sterling.

Beauty’s Bagel Shop’s Shakshuka is on the menu and served all year long.

View full article by Jessica Battilana, a Bay Area freelance writer here:
Don’t Pass Up This Passover Breakfast Dish

Thrillist: Beauty’s Bagel Shop – 12 Most Important Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Beauty’s Bagel Shop was named by Thrillist to be one of the 12 Most Important Restaurants in Oakland Right Now.

Here’s what East Bay native and travel writer, Andy Murdock, had to say about us…

” Let’s be honest: when it comes to bagels, the Bay Area is behind the curve. One trip to New York or Montreal is enough to make you give up on West Coast bagels. But don’t! Or at least, not until you’ve given Beauty’s a fair doughy shake. Montreal-style bagels are finished in a wood-fired oven here, attracting a long line of beards and plaids basically every weekend. Totally worth the wait though: the hot bagels are fantastic, the smoked trout salad is addictive, the fried chicken bagel sandwich with beet slaw should be a controlled substance, and — these are fightin’ words — the rugelach is better than your mom’s.”